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How does our legal auditing tool work?

Try our free Legal Health Check Tool now to see how well your business is compliant and protected. At a glance, it will help you ensure you have the right policies, procedures and documents in place to protect your business, its assets, reputation and identify where you need extra help. Benefits of the Legal Health Check: 

  • Free to use - you can complete the Legal Health Check at any time 
  • Easy to understand - it's been written in plain English, making it easy to read and understand the areas of your business that need immediate attention
  • Accessibility - you can complete the Legal Health Check anywhere, any time via PC, mobile or tablet
  • Secure - the information you share is strictly confidential
One of the things we have learned in our mission to democratise the law for SMEs is that even thinking about the law or lawyers makes business’ owners and professionals anxious. Sometimes they avoid dealing with legal issues or just try and do it themselves. We know from our recent You Gov Survey that SMEs lose £13.6 billion a year in the UK from taking this approach. So, we decided to help them identify for themselves areas of risk or vulnerability by designing a free legal audit service. You can take the free legal audit here. It takes just a few minutes and focuses on issues we know you care about - from minimising liabilities to maximising cash flow, to being ready for investment.

Your answers will indicate to what extent your business is compliant, protected and working to increase revenue opportunities. We will immediately provide you with a simple report summarising where you may need to consider taking further legal advice. You will be emailed your personalised report, summarising in an easy to read traffic light format showing you any areas where you could be at risk.

Health check results

In the report, each of the different coloured boxes indicates the ‘legal’ health of your business:

  • Red: extra care and attention is required - your business could be unnecessarily exposed legally
  • Amber: the business is adequate legally but there are areas where the business does not meet its legal needs
  • Green: the business is appropriately legally covered and is using it well to be compliant, protect itself and seize revenue opportunities.
The summary report will provide an overall score so you know just how important it is that you take action by seeking the most appropriate legal advice and guidance to help ensure that your business is legally fit and stays that way! You can request a callback from one of our lawyers for free to discuss your health check report and evaluate the next steps to protect your business. Start your Legal Health Check Now!

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