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How does the Legal Health Check work?

It takes only a few minutes to complete the Legal Health Check. Just answer a set of questions from 6 key areas to identify potential weaknesses or threats to your business.

Your answers will indicate to what extent the business is compliant, protected and working to increase revenue opportunities. We will immediately provide you with a simple report summarising where you may need to consider taking further advice. You will be emailed your personalised report, summarising in an easy to read traffic light format.

Health check results

In the report, each of the different coloured boxes indicate the ‘legal’ health of your business:

  • Red: extra care and attention is required - your business could be unnecessarily exposed legally
  • Amber: the business is adequate legally but there are areas where the business does not meet its legal needs
  • Green: the business is appropriately legally covered and is using it well to be compliant, protect itself and seize revenue opportunities.
The summary report will provide an overall score so you know just how important it is that you take action by seeking the most appropriate legal advice and guidance to help ensure that your business is legally fit and stays that way!

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