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  • July 25, 2018

Exploring Our New Suite of Trademark Products

By Lawbite Team

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As with GDPR, intellectual property (IP) including trademark protection is something that all businesses should consider putting in place. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we have just launched a collection of trademark-related products to help our start-up, SME and more established clients in their brand protection efforts. Here at LawBite, we appreciate that each of our clients is on their own unique journey and at a different stage of their inception/development/growth phase. These products have been specifically designed to reflect this and cater for a wide range of needs and budgets. Here's a little more about how they work… Trademark Search & Advise (£75 + VAT) Perhaps you have already or are about to start doing business in the UK using your chosen trading name, logo, slogan or another consumer-facing branding. But have you first stopped to check whether that name/logo/slogan is free to use? One of the clearest and most identifiable indications that it might not be is if that sign (or something very similar to it) already appears on the trademark register for similar good/services. If that’s the case, you could land yourself in hot water and potentially even face being sued. Our Trademark Search & Advise product is a speedy and cost-effective way of obtaining an indication of a) whether your mark is potentially registrable as a trademark and b) whether there are any obvious or serious problems for your use of the mark in the UK on the basis of third-party registered rights. We’ll talk you through the results and give you an informed view of the risk depending on what we discover. Taking this step is always sensible before adopting a mark, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to apply for trademark protection for that mark. (Note that it is limited to checking for UK marks only and is not a substitute for a full and comprehensive trademark clearance search which would be conducted as part of the work involved in a trademark application). UK Trademark Unlimited Classes (£295+ VAT) Putting trademark protection in place for your brand is invaluable and should be high on your agenda. For clients who only or primarily trade in the UK, or who trade more widely but are particularly cost-conscious, securing a UK trademark is hugely worthwhile. Doing so gives the exclusive right in the UK to use that mark for your goods/services for a period of 10 years, helping to avoid dilution of your brand and ensuring strong brand recognition. With our fixed-fee of just £295 + VAT, it really doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. Our UK Trademark product includes a comprehensive discussion about your business model, identifying which of the 45 classes of goods/services you need, drafting the detailed specification, carrying out a full conflict search, drafting and submitting the application itself and liaising with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) throughout the process. In other words, we’ll take you from application to registration at a fraction of the price of most trademark agents! What’s more, our legal fees cover you regardless of the number of classes under which you decide to register, unlike many firms whose professional fees hike up with each additional class. (Note that official filing fees are charged separately by the IPO. They start at £200 and do increase per class). EU Trademark Unlimited Classes (£550+ VAT) For clients who trade in the EU (or intend to do so in the near future), getting EU trademark protection for your brand is strongly recommended. It gives you exclusive use of your mark throughout the EU. Given Brexit’s impending deadline, doing this sooner rather than later is certainly advisable. The scope of services we provide as part of our product offering for EU marks is largely the same in nature as for UK marks (above) but the process is considerably more time-consuming and complex. Again, this fee is fixed and includes unlimited classes. (Official filing fees charged by the EU IPO start at €850.) IP Strategy Health Check (£POA) Last but not least is our IP audit product, where we take a more in-depth look at your overall business output/strategy, and work with you to report on where you might benefit from added or missing IP protection (trademarks or otherwise). This a comprehensive bespoke offering which can add real value to your business and which we quote for depending on the nature and scope of what is required. Free Intellectual Property Checklist If you are still unsure about your business' position regarding IP and trademark, please take advantage of our Free Intellectual Property Checklist or enquire for intellectual property advice and find out how you can protect your business brand today. Upon completing your IP Checklist an expert IP lawyer will be in contact with you to discuss your results and the specific areas where you can protect and add value to your business. To buy the right Trademark product for your business enter an enquiry or call us today on: 0845 241 1847 to speak to a member of our friendly Client Care Team. LawBite can deal with all aspects of intellectual property law and provides fixed-price no-obligation quotes too. 
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