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  • November 01, 2021

The Best Way To Protect Your Brand Against Counterfeit Goods

Christmas 2021 is fast approaching and most of us are looking forward to having a deliciously merry celebration following last year’s Coronavirus restrictions. SMEs will be hoping for a surge in consumer spending. However, police around the country are already warning people to beware of counterfeit goods. Not only are the producers of fake brands putting the reputation of legitimate trademark holders at risk, in some sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, beauty, and baby products, counterfeit goods can be downright dangerous.

The fight against counterfeit goods must be fought by educating consumers about the dangers. Most people are not particularly concerned with where their products come from and with inflation spiralling, for many, price is the overriding purchasing factor. The only way to prompt a change in consumer behaviour, albeit slowly, is to draw attention to the damage counterfeit products can cause to the purchaser.

An example of the dangers of counterfeit goods

Counterfeit pharmaceutical products can cause serious harm and even death. Distributed through highly-organised, multi-national criminal gangs, the counterfeit pharmaceutical market is worth $75 billion a year.

According to the World Health Organisation:

The range of counterfeit products reaching markets has also broadened with the increased commercial use of the Internet to provide a dizzying array of both branded and generic drugs. In more than 50% of cases, medicines purchased over the Internet from illegal sites that conceal their physical address have been found to be counterfeit.”

Getting the message to consumers

There are several ways to educate consumers on the dangers of counterfeit goods in your industry, including:

  • using social media and editorial content to create awareness
  • demonstrate how counterfeit goods can cause dangers in a way that few people consider. For example, not many customers think about the consequences of purchasing faulty or sub-standard outdoor clothing and equipment gear. However, fake safety logos, unreliable maps, poor quality clothing, and sub-standard equipment can result in death
  • ensure your marketing materials and communications set out your trademarks and the quality of your brand and how purchasing from a trusted SME will protect customers’ health and wellbeing

Wrapping up 

Counterfeit goods not only present a danger to consumers, but they can also destroy honest, quality businesses. Make sure you have registered trademarks in place so you have legal redress should another company infringe your trademark. Furthermore, educate your customers not only on the benefits of your genuine products but also the dangers of purchasing cheap counterfeits.

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In closing

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