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Finding the Next Big Thing Requires an Understanding of your Intellectual Property

March 19, 2014

In this blog post IP LawBrief Christian Bunke gives some invaluable tips to technology start-ups & SMEs looking to scout out the next ‘big thing’… It also explores why, given the UK government’s Patent Box initiative and the new European Common Patent, this is becoming an increasingly more important and desirable venture.


You can view the full article, published here.



Technology scouting projects are often used to identify new ideas and technologies for M&A, competitive landscapes, technology standards and for optimising IP Strategies. In a similar way startups and new entrepreneurs should have an understanding what Intellectual Property they have in-house; this will also prevent them from developing the same thing as others. It is said that 30% of all R&D is done in vain as searching in public patent literature would give the answers being researched.


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