Why SMEs need LawBite

Research by LawBite has shown that SMEs across the UK lose over £13 billion a year, as a result of failing to take care of their legal problems. This is not surprising as many firms view their legal advice as cumbersome; hard to navigate, complex to understand and full of hidden charges. No wonder that under 10% of SMEs believe their current legal advice represents good value for money.

LawBite is creating a legal marketplace that democratises the way SMEs get the legal help they need - seamlessly connecting businesses to expert legal advice that is easier to access, clearer to understand and more affordable. LawBite sits at the centre of the legal marketplace, we use the latest on-line tools and advanced data science to streamline the way SMEs connect with the lawyers on our platform, dealing with their cases faster and cheaper.

More and more brands are partnering with LawBite, offering their audiences a high quality, low-cost service that is very popular with the SME community to stimulate better levels of engagement and higher retention rates.

Referral Partners

Our entry level collaboration is for Referral Partners. This is a great way for us to get started working together and create co-marketing campaigns to drive engagement. 

In this program, we offer:

  • Customised Legal Health Check for your audience
  • On point blogs, webinars and tailored content
  • Referral fee for passing leads to LawBite
  • Depending on traffic volume, discounts to LawBite services

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Resell Partners

A number of partners look to have a deeper relationship with LawBite. Maybe a bespoke legal package or integrating LawBite into their customer journey.

Our relationships with Resell Partners build off the strong synergies between each organisation, with a view to helping SMEs prosper and be more successful.

Agreements with our Resell Partners usually involve:

  • Tailored customer journey
  • Bespoke legal service packages
  • Packaging partner and LawBite services
  • Revenue share on closed orders
  • Customised Legal Health Check for your audience & other content

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