Letter Before Action [Copyright Infringement Claim]

Before you start legal action for infringement of copyright in the UK, you have to set out your claim in detail and also set out what remedy you propose. This letter enables you to do that.

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Document drafted by:

NIgel Parker LawBrief

Nigel Parker is a commercial solicitor specialising in intellectual property, trademarks and litigation. He has worked with the Consumers Association, the Treasury Solicitors' Department, a London-based firm of US attorneys, the commercial bar, and the London law firms Clifford Chance and Lee and Thompson.

His clients have included the BBC, the South Bank Centre, the House of Commons, the British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors, and the British Phonographic Industry.

His highly-regarded book "Music Business" is published by leading law publisher, Sweet and Maxwell and he is also a qualified Mediator.