Director Resignation Letter

The letter is from a director of a limited company, which is registered with Companies House, who is resigning from their position as director. It is sent to the company that the director is resigning from. The director also confirms that they give up any rights that the director may have against the company in relation to the resignation. This waiver in the director resignation letter only applies to any rights that the director has under the contract appointing them as a director. It will NOT waive any legal rights that the director may have under any employment laws as an employee of the company. This rights can only be waived using a settlement agreement [link] (or compromise agreement as they were called).

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Step-by-step guide

Let’s walk you through how to go about drafting the director resignation letter, something that is worthwhile getting any director of your company to complete when they resign.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that they complete the director resignation letter properly…

1. Set out the name and address of the company that the director is sending the letter to.

2. Include the name of the company that the director is resigning from in the body of the letter.

3. The director resignation letter then explains that the director has no claim against the company, or any of its employees or other directors, in relation to the director’s resignation. This includes any claims because the director is stopping being a director of the company. It then says that even if the director does have any claims, the director won’t bring them against the company (or its employees or other directors) at any time and that the company has no legal responsibility for such claims.

As explained above, this director resignation letter only releases the company from any contractual claims that the director has against it. It is not effective against any employment rights or claims that the director under any employment legislation. These can only be waived using a settlement agreement [link], which used to be known as a compromise agreement.

4. Finally the director resignation letter should be signed, the director’s name completed and the date included.

Document drafted by:

Clive Rich LawBrief

Clive Rich is a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer, who has also successfully run digital businesses for companies such as Sony and Bertelsmann.

A qualified barrister, he has been a lawyer for almost 30 years and has drafted and crafted contracts for a broad spectrum of multi-nationals, major organisations and brands, including Yahoo, Apple, Napster, SanDisk, Myspace and the BBC.

He has also previously run his own legal practice, Rich Futures Ltd in association with the Top 30 UK law firm, Olswang LLP, representing a variety of technology companies and SMEs.

Clive is a qualified Mediator through the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and a qualified Arbitrator through the Central Institute of Arbitration (CIArb) in London.

As a negotiator, he is the author of “The Yes Book: the Art of Better Negotiation”, published by Random House in March 2013. Clive has also designed and successfully launched a negotiation App called “Close My Deal”, enabling people to understand the basis of successful negotiation and apply the skills to everyday scenarios. He has provided negotiating coaching and deal making services to a wide range of large organisations and SMEs. He has also been a board member of a number of digital SMEs.

Clive is a devoted father and husband, but when he is not spending time with his family, he likes to unwind by playing golf or watching a variety of sports (football, rugby, cricket). He's a lifelong Milwall FC fan... but don't hold that against him!